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About Tiny S.M.A.R.T. House

about our tiny house company and crew

The Tiny SMART House company is an officially licensed Oregon RV manufacturer. We build all of our Tiny SMART Houses to meet both Oregon DMV and ANSI certification. With a Tiny SMART House, you get a licensed, functional RV built like a house, to last like a house. We can also build our Tiny SMART Houses to Oregon residential prefabricated code, opening up a wide variety of placement options.


Throughout his years working in construction, Nathan Light witnessed and worked on plenty of these super-sized homes that many of us have been taught to aspire to as the American Dream. But having always preferred simpler living and green construction using sustainable and durable design, he was excited when he learned about tiny houses and the tiny house movement. With a passion for helping others live debt free and simplify their lives, Nathan decided he would start a company to build tiny houses.


Tiny House OfficeIn early 2012, after building his first tiny house to use as a model and mobile office, Nathan officially launched Tiny SMART House in Albany, Oregon. The model quickly sold and he was contracted to build several more tiny houses.


With this early success and seeing the potential for this tiny company to grow, Nathan leased a 5,000 sq ft warehouse on a 20,000 sq ft lot on Hwy 34, just east of Corvallis. The facility serves as a multi-purpose production space to build Tiny Houses in any type of weather throughout the year.


SMART HousesOver the past three years, Tiny SMART House has grown, building more tiny houses and expanding the production facilities to include a metal shop for building the custom trailers, a framing shop where the exterior shell is constructed, and the finish shop for completing the interior and trim work. The company is as busy as ever as more and more people are gettin ginterested in tiny houses and the tiny lifestyle.


To offer affordable Tiny Houses that will last with quality materials and craftsmanship, to design and build quality products that an owner can take pride in, and to discover creative and efficient solutions to best meet the owner’s needs.

Nathan Light - Owner of Tiny Smart House


Why We Love Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are many things to many people. For many, the tiny house movement is about simplifying life, cutting down expenses, living without the burden of debt, reducing environmental footprint, and enjoying a modest, healthy, active lifestyle. At the most basic level, they’re small, simple shelters. After that, a whole world of options exists. From all the creative designs and multi-functional use of space, opportunity for fine craftsmanship and premium materials, tiny houses are definitely not cookie cutter, just like people.

Nathan and ShanaThank you so much for your interest in Tiny SMART House!

Nathan & Shana