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Build-It-Yourself Program

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For the past several summers, Tiny SMART House has offered a very unique “Build It Yourself” program for tiny house people who are interested in working with like-minded tiny house enthusiastists to build their own tiny houses, with professional guidance. This program lasts approximately six months, and is specifically designed for those do-it-yourself builders that need a large secure space for their project.

Custom design and comprehensive consulting is included to see your tiny house through every step of construction, and you’ll be confident you’re bringing home a high-quality licensed RV. Educational tiny house workshops are organized by Tiny SMART House through the build process to help everyone learn all the skills needed to build their tiny house. One-on-one instruction can also be arranged if needed, potentially for a fee depending on the length of time and depth of task.

Washington Craftsman by Tiny SMART House

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How much Does the Program Cost, and What is Included? 

Our Build-It-Yourself program includes access to every workshop, group buying discounts on materials, individual one on one time with our builders and designers, access to our shop, space to build your home at our facility and the ability to receive RVIA certification for your RV Style Tiny SMART House. Click here for more full program details, including a list of our 26 different workshops.

We offer these workshops year round at our Albany, OR facility. They are broken down into the three major categories of our construction process: design phase, build phase, and finishing touches.

These classes are included for our Build-It-Yourself clients at no cost, but are also available to the public for a fee (typically $25 per person, although prices may vary). This year we’re offering mini versions of these workshops once or twice per week from 12-1 P.M. beginning February 16th. We’re calling them “Lunch & Learns,” and the first thirteen design phase dates will be open to the public at no charge.

– 2018 BYO “Lunch & Learn” Workshops –

Not So Big Living – An introduction to tiny living spaces (Fri. 2/16/18)
Construction Materials – What materials best suit your budget and design concept (Fri. 2/16/18)
Budget & Finance – Discovering financing options for your Tiny Home (Wed. 2/21/18)
Space Planning – Designing multi-function rooms, hidden storage and more (Fri. 2/23/18)
BREAK – Fresno & Eugene RV Shows (Fri. 3/2/18)
Plumbing/Lighting/Electrical Design – Off-grid, on-grid, mix? (Wed. 3/7/18)
Construction Basics – Roof types, framing choices, windows, doors and more (Fri. 3/9/18)
Real Estate for Tiny Homes – Placement in the present or future (Wed. 3/14/18)
Kitchen & Bath Design – Functional spaces, cabinetry and finishes (Fri. 3/16/18)
Fixtures & Equipment – Types of toilets, appliances, generators etc. (Wed. 3/21/18)
Shop Safety/Basics – REQUIRED for BIY clients. What tools will you need? (Fri. 3/23/18)
Power Tools 101 – REQUIRED for BIY clients. The right tool for the job. (Wed. 3/28/18)
Woodworking Basics – For small projects in your home (step stools, benches, etc.) (Fri. 3/30/18)

Rough Framing – (Fri. 4/6/18)
Roofing – (Fri. 4/13/18)
Installing Windows – (Fri. 4/20/18)
Building and/or Installing Cabinets – (Wed. 4/25/18)
Installing Insulation – (Fri. 5/4/18)
Installing Tile – (Fri. 5/11/18)
Installing Wood Floors – (Fri. 5/18/18)
Interior Finishes – (Fri. 5/25/18)
BREAK – Colorado Tiny House Festival (Fri. 6/1/18)
Paint & Color Theory – (Fri. 6/8/18)
Installing Drywall – (Fri. 6/15/18)
Basic Homeowner Repairs (Fri. 6/22/18)


Soft Lines – Window coverings, upholstery, fabrics etc. (Fri. 6/29/18)
Custom ART – (Fri. 7/6/18)
Furniture Design/Selection – (Fri. 7/13/18)
Cabinet Making – (Fri. 7/20/18)
Additional Woodworking Projects – Garden boxes, cutting boards, etc. (Fri. 7/27/18)

*Workshops may change without notice or be offered multiple times, depending on schedule and demand.
*Lunch will not be provided; however, attendees are welcome to enjoy their meals during our presentations.

How Much Does the House Cost?

Ordering in bulk will help keep that cost down, but to truly have a finished tiny house, there’s a lot that goes into it. Ultimately, the material cost depends on the size and design of your tiny house, but you should expect at least $20 – 25k for the typical 16′ to 24′ model (plus the cost of the trailer). We require you to purchase one of our custom trailers, because they’re the best and safest foundation for your tiny house.

Generally, if you’re doing most of the work yourself, you should be able to build a nice tiny house for around $30 – $50k. Compared that to the average price of a contractor-built house ($45 – $100k), this program cuts the costs significantly.

Before We Begin

If you’re considering our Build-It-Yourself Program, here are some questions to consider: 

Why do you want to build a tiny house?
Do you already have a design and/or floor plan in mind? Appliances and furnishing?
What are your financial circumstances? If you do need financing, how will a BIY project help you achieve your tiny house dream? If you don’t need financing, how could a BIY project help stretch your resources even further?
Do you have any construction, electrical, or plumbing experience? This is not required, but it does speed up the process.
When do you need your tiny house finished?
What is your work/school/family schedule? How much time can you put into your build April through September?
How do you need Tiny SMART House to help with the build?

You can sign up for the Build it Yourself program here – you are required to fill out and return the 2018 Build It Yourself Contract to secure your spot in the program