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“Build It Yourself”

Orientation starts Soon – Spaces Still Available!

For the past several summers, Tiny SMART House has offered a very unique “Build It Yourself” program for tiny house people who are interested in working with like-minded tiny house enthusiastists to build their own tiny houses, with professional guidance. This program lasts approximately six months, and is specifically designed for those do-it-yourself builders that need a large secure space for their project.

Custom design and comprehensive consulting is included to see your tiny house through every step of construction, and you’ll be confident you’re bringing home a high-quality licensed RV. Educational tiny house workshops are organized by Tiny SMART House through the build process to help everyone learn all the skills needed to build their tiny house. One-on-one instruction is also available as needed.

Washington Craftsman by Tiny SMART House




The complete build-it-yourself program costs $5,000.

* Your designated build space, electricity, and use of the warehouse and woodshop for at least six months. If your project takes longer, we can accomodate you at least until the next group is scheduled to start.

* We help you with your custom design and planning to help ensure your new tiny home fits your needs and budget. Comprehensive hands-on instruction and consulting is included every step of the way.

* Although you’ll want to have your own basic tools and equipment (such as a hammer, tape measure, speed square, pencil, safety glasses, gloves, etc), you’ll receive full access (after proper safety training and instruction) to all the construction and woodworking tools in the shop.

* You will significantly save on the cost of building materials through our group rates and bulk ordering channels. You will also enjoy reduced labor rates for those parts of the build where you want to hire a professional. All aspects of Carpentry as well as the Plumbing, Electrical, Solar PV installation, and many other building services are available by certified and licensed professionals in their field.


The total costs of materials is dependent on the size and design of your tiny house, but you should expect at least $20-25k in materials for the typical 16′ to 24′ tiny house, plus the cost of the trailer. We require you to purchase one of our custom trailers, because they are the best and safest foundation for your tiny house.

Ordering in bulk will help keep that cost down, but to truly have a finished tiny house, there is a lot that goes into it. All the little stuff adds up, and the more custom you want it, the higher the price. Generally, if you’re doing most of the work yourself, you should be able to build a nice tiny house for around $30 – $50k.

Compare that to the average price on a contractor-built tiny house that runs about $45-100k, and you’re not doing too bad. The big part of the program is helping you come up with a design that fits your budget and allows you to splurge where you want to — such as that fancy gas range, or propane heating stove, a low-profile dishwaser, full sized Jacuzzi tub, or a sauna, or any other custom options you can dream up.


You will get all the information on the upcoming course including the Basic Safety Class, Shop Introduction, and more. Of course, you’ll want to get started on your design and plans well ahead of time, so you have at least most of the basic building plan and budget figured out.

Here are some great questions to start thinking about to see if the Tiny SMART House program and “Build It Yourself” group is a good fit for you and your tiny house build.

Why do you want to build a tiny house?

Do you already have a design and/or floorplan in mind? Appliances and furnishing?

Do you already have materials and/or money saved for your tiny house?

Do you have any construction, electrical, or plumbing experience? If so, what?

How much time can you put into your build April through September?

What is your typical weekly availability? When will your work on it?

How do you need Tiny SMART House to help with the build?

For more about our “Build It Yourself” program, please contact us for more info.

You can sign up for the Build it Yourself program here – you are required to fill out and return the 2018 Build It Yourself Contract to secure your spot in the program