How does the design process work? Must I use Tiny SMART House as my builder?

The separate design process allows clients to make major changes to existing Tiny SMART House designs or introduce their own ideas, which we modify as needed to accommodate code requirements, making sure that you have plans for a safe tiny house when you are finished. You pay for the design process up front and it covers up to 40 hours of design time and 10 hours of administrative time the cost is just $2500. At the end of the process you will have a 3D rendering of your tiny house and detailed framing plans that will show your builder what you envision. They can then easily tally the material and labor costs for a more accurate quote. The benefit to selecting Tiny SMART House to build your home once your plans are complete is that we apply half of your design fee ($1250) toward the cost of your build. The other great thing is that once the design is finished we can determine the actual cost of building and materials through our company so that you have a budget in mind. This allows you to procure financing and make your dream a reality. The cost estimate is valid for 30 days due to rapid changes in price for materials. If you choose Tiny SMART House to build you house, then a contract and a 50% deposit will hold your space on our build list and order materials for your build. If you plan to finance, a 10% deposit can be accepted to hold your spot in line.