Is Tiny SMART House a member of R.V.I.A.?

We are a licensed Oregon RV manufacturer and are required by by Oregon law to meet the ANSI building and safety standards. Each Tiny SMART House is inspected for RV safety and functionality by a state of Oregon inspector and is issued Oregon’s insignia of compliance. Tiny SMART House also has a World Manufacturer Identification. This allows us to assign an official VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to each of our Tiny SMART Houses, and also allows us to sell our Tiny House RVs internationally. Several of our tiny house builds have been sold to customers in Canada.

Be confident in knowing that with us, unlike other many tiny house builders (whether or not they are a member of RVIA or other RV association or marketing group) every Tiny SMART House has an official RV VIN and Certificate of Origin directly from the manufacturer. With these two things, your time at the DMV will be as quick as waiting for your number to be called. Furthermore, our RV World Manufacturer certification allows banks to offer RV loans on Tiny SMART House, and insurance companies will know how to define and insure your Tiny SMART House. Bottom line, you can legally license and insure your Tiny SMART House in any state, or internationally. Please contact us for further details.