Portland Tiny House

Northwest Mountaineer

Lighter Travel-Ready Design with Vaulted Ceilings and Great Separation of Space

our newest tiny house design

This Tiny SMART House features a lighter weight structure built with cedar framing and utilizing other lightweight materials to make an easy-to-haul, travel-ready RV that you’re sure to love!

The aerodynamic wedge roof profile not only improves performance while towing, but the extra spacious vaulted ceiling provides ample headroom in the sleeping loft.

This first Northwest Mountaineer was built as a model and incorporates many unique features in the design. The stand out feature is the deluxe bathroom with wrap-around picture windows surrounding a full-size deluxe Jacuzzi-style jetted bath tub. This tiny house bathroom also features a cedar sauna and RV style toilet, with septic and greywater holding tanks.

This tiny house is 18 feet and was built using many reclaimed materials. The trailer was an old RV trailer that we retrofitted to handle the heavy weight. The bathroom windows are all reclaimed and the tinted kitchen windows were salvaged from a commercial building. The interior walls are built from reclaimed redwood that was once part of a former Oregon governor’s mansion.

The loft egress window and door were custom built, and the exterior features douglas fir tree silouettes as decorative trim.

Nontoxic spray foam installation make this a true four-season RV tiny house that can be heated be either electic or propane.

The compact oven and range, fridge and water heater all run on propane. This tiny house can be operated off the grid for several weeks or longer.

The main portion of this house is made to be 18′ long, but can be adapted to be longer if you prefer. The optional stationary entry deck and storage shed can stay behind to store the items you don’t need when you’re on the road.

We can custom build a Northwest Mountaineer to your specifications.We realize not everyone wants to allocate so much space to a full-size whirlpool tub and sauna, but it is such a nice feature.

This tiny home (and several others in progress) are currently available to tour at the Tiny SMART House production facility.

Please contact Tiny SMART House to arrange a tour, or for more information about this Northwest Mountaineer