Tiny House Kitchen

Custom Tiny House Design

Professional Tiny House Design & Building Plans

We offer a complete custom design service where we walk you through planning and customizing all the details of your tiny house design. Once you’ve selected your options and developed a strong idea for the floorplan, we provide you with a full package of professional building plans.

  • Trailer plans — We also sell Tiny House Trailers
  • Floor plan, with multiple interior layout ideas
  • Build Plan, w/ doors, window, loft, framing plans
  • Electric, Plumbing, LPG, and other systems
  • Detailed interior and exterior elevation views
  • Multi-view, layered 3D design drawings
  • Complete materials list and spec sheet
  • Prints and Google Sketchup files included

This service offers you our full expertise and design skills to help you negotiate your many basic build and design decisions, and discuss all your customization options to best fit your needs and build budget. Print-ready PDFs and digital plans, along with the Google Sketchup files of your plans are included. Our design service starts at $2,000.

Professional Tiny House Build Consulting

If you are considering going tiny, and maybe even building yourself, but really don’t know where to start, Tiny SMART House can help you get going. Or perhaps you’ve already started saving ideas and drawing up some floor plans, and just need some help. We offer in-person, phone, and web build consulting to provide you with tiny house building advice and a bit of direction when needed. We will thoroughly review your floorplan and design ideas, then offer suggestions on the layout and build plans. From there, we help you create a materials list and build budget. We also guide you through the RV licensing process Our consulting service starts at $500. — We also offer a Build It Yourself group program and various options for people who want to do some or most of the work building their tiny house themselves.