Tiny House Plans

Tiny House Building Plans

comprehensive tiny house plans for DIY builders

We offer complete building plans for our tiny house models with our standard 8′ 6″ width x 13′ 6″ height, and your choice of 20′, 24′, or 28′ lengths. These plans are drawn with our standard floorplan, as well as standard window and door design, however you can easily modify the framing and wall plans to fit your layout needs.

We also have additional plans currently available for different length and width tiny houses. These are available in our ONLINE PLANS STORE. Additional plans in various lengths, widths, and styles will be available as we continually add more plans to our library.



Our design plans provide you with all the drawings, diagrams, notes, and a list of materials that you need for your build. Our professional building plans packages include the following –

* Floor Plan, with loft details and interior layout

* Build Plan, w/ doors, window, loft, framing, and roof plans

* Electric, Plumbing, LPG, and other systems

* Detailed interior and exterior elevation views

* Multi-view, layered 3D design drawings

* Detailed section views and build notes

* Complete materials list and spec sheet

* Trailer plans with attachment details


Our tiny house building plans include at least the following pages –

Custom building plans are also available. For a limited time, all plans purchased also include up to five hours of email/phone consulting if you need help understanding some aspect of the plans, or if you wish to modify something to suit your build. Please contact us for more information.



The video shows a 3D rendering of our building plans of the 24′ Washington Craftsman by Tiny SMART House. This video shows the basic detail plans, and how that tiny house will look after being built. While the video is not labeled, the plans include detailed dimensions, building notes, and all the information for building your own tiny house.

Our comprehensive tiny house building plans and design information cover all the details for your tiny house build. With some construction know-how, you can easily use our tiny house plans to build your tiny house yourself, or with the help of an experienced local builder.


Our tiny house build plans start at $495, which is less than our competitors who offer similarly detailed building plans, but for a limited time, if you enter the code JULYPLANS at checkout, you’ll get an additional $100 off! We’ve reviewed our competitors’ plans, and many of them may claim to be the best, but frankly, leave much to be desired. Although they might have more pages, they have less information, and are missing some important stuff. Our carefully designed building plans are very detailed and provide ALL the information you need to build your tiny house. Any competent local building contractor will be able to build your house from these plans.

We also sell our high quality Tiny House Trailers which make an excellent foundation for your tiny house. ** For a limited time, if you’ve bought tiny house plans from us, we will credit you $200 off your trailer price if you choose to purchase a tiny house trailer from us.


Customers who purchases our tiny house building plans will also receive up to five hours of phone and email consulting and support in planning your tiny house build. Perhaps you wish to modify the floorplan to better suit your needs, or maybe you want to add a different type of window or door, or perhaps you just have some questions about how something is constructed, we are here to help you on your tiny home build journey.


Since this is a digital product, all sales are considered final. However, if you purchase our tiny house building plans, and should you decide that you want to build a different length or style of tiny home, we will offer you ONE FREE PLANS EXCHANGE to the plan of your choice.


Visit our plans store to see the plans we have available for sale now orĀ contact us with questions or for more information.