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Tiny smart house, llc

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Our Newest Model : The N.W. Mountaineer


aka : Hot spring Mountaineer

This 18 foot travel trailer is framed out of cedar 2x4 construction to help keep this design light and easy to take with you on a weekend adventure. Unlike our standard Mountaineer design, this "hot spring on wheels" will have an 8' x 5' bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi tub and on demand hot water heater. The 4 large windows around the tub, and the two skylights above the tub will allow a panoramic view while soaking, where pull down shades and/or curtains will allow for privacy. The cedar interior finish will give the house a beautiful rustic spa feel that will be the envy of any campsite.

Sale price below is the price for finishing the house as already planed. With a deposit on this house, we can finish to your specifications. Price may vary according to your changes.

Sale Price: $39,000

normally $42,500

Is Tiny SMART House R.V.I.A. Certified?

Tiny SMART House is an RV manufacturer, but it is NOT directly certified through R.V.I.A. However, our company works under the Oregon building code for RV manufacturing and Oregon code has adopted ANSI regulations. Each Tiny SMART House is inspected for RV safety and functionality before it drives off the lot with Oregon's insignia of compliance.

Furthermore, Tiny SMART House also has a World Manufacturer Identification. This allows us to assign an RV VIN to each of our Tiny SMART Houses and allows us to sell internationally.

What does this all really mean for you? With a Tiny SMART House you get a VIN and Certificate of Origin directly from the manufacturer. With these two things, your time at DMV will be as quick as waiting for your number to be called, and insurance companies will know how to define your house.