The Tiny House Movement

With a passion for living debt free and simplifying his life, Nathan Light embarked on a journey in Albany, Oregon toward a purpose that made his heart sing, tiny house living.  Through his construction career, he witnessed the super-sized living that many of us aspire to achieve in life but has always preferred green construction using sustainable design and construction.  Having the big house in the 'right' neighborhood, driving the SUV to take the kids to and from the 'best' schools seems to be the mantra repeated to us over and over throughout the years, until we either believe it or buck tradition and go the opposite direction entirely.


The Tiny House movement has taken an uptick as the Great Recession of the last six years has forced families, who were often living beyond their means before losing their jobs, to re-evaluate their value on material possessions as they were forced out of their homes in dire straights, sometimes moving into their vehicles, in with family or friends as the situation required.  People gave up their possessions, vehicles and sometimes even giving up their children because they could not get out from under the debt after losing jobs and were in the terrible situation of simply not being able to afford to provide for an entire family.


As the recession progressed, more and more people understood the tiny house movement.  This movement empowers people to spend less (on both housing and possessions), gives people the courage to build their own (or atleast participate in the process to some degree) and the gift of having something more substantial than a standard recreational vehicle or mobile home to live in and pass along to other family members at the end of their own adventure.   


After building his first Tiny House, which was to be used as a mobile office, Nathan launched Tiny SMART House, LLC in Albany, Oregon.  Some things were a given:

   1.  Offer affordable housing option with a product that will last because of the quality materials and craftsmanship

   2.  Design & build quality products that are representative of the company and something every inhabitant could be proud of and show off

   3.  Come up with creative, attractive solutions to meet the clients needs

Your Tiny SMART House is next! 

Check out some of the options listed on this site and give us a call.  Each build is custom so that you get the appliances, plumbing and space that you need, your way.  As a result we recommend starting the process at least 9 months before your anticipated move in date.  In addition to allowing us to put your build on the calendar, this timeframe allows adequate time for design, build and finishing of your Tiny SMART House.  Our goal is to get it to you sooner, but planning for 9 months is realistic and allows for the 'bumps' that often come with building any house.


Towable anywhere

Tiny Smart House, Llc

Tiny Houses For Sale

  • SustainableConstruction
  • Modern Efficiency
  • Affordable Luxury
  • Residential or Commercial use
  • Towable Anywhere


Tiny smart house, llc

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Our Newest Model : The N.W. Mountaineer


aka : Hot spring Mountaineer

This 18 foot travel trailer is framed out of cedar 2x4 construction to help keep this design light and easy to take with you on a weekend adventure. Unlike our standard Mountaineer design, this "hot spring on wheels" will have an 8' x 5' bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi tub and on demand hot water heater. The 4 large windows around the tub, and the two skylights above the tub will allow a panoramic view while soaking, where pull down shades and/or curtains will allow for privacy. The cedar finish will give the whole house a beautiful rustic spa feel that will be the envy of any campsite.

Sale Price: $39,000

normally $42,500