Tiny House Trailers

Tiny SMART House Trailers & Plans

Custom Designed and Built, Just for Tiny Houses

We build custom trailers using rectangular tube steel with heavy-duty trailer components making our trailers the strongest tiny house trailers available. Each frame is designed to give an overall lighter weight and balance.

Our tiny house trailers are fully legal and ready to be licensed. Each custom built Tiny SMART House trailer includes a VIN and a manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

Tiny House Trailer Types
Each trailer we build is customized to your Tiny SMART House design. Whether we build your tiny house, or you build it yourself, our trailers are your best option on the market.

A very strong and solid foundation is important for any tiny house.

Double-axle trailers are rated at 14,000 lbs capacity. Triple-axle trailers are rated at 21,000 lbs capacity. Trailers 32-feet and longer are built on gooseneck or fifth wheel style trailer. Upgraded, higher capacity axles and many other trailer options are available.

Please contact us for current trailer pricing.

Tiny SMART House Sells Tiny House Plans

We offer complete building plans for our tiny house models with our standard 8′ 6″ width x 13′ 6″ height, and your choice of 20′, 24′, or 28′ lengths. These plans are drawn with our standard floorplan, as well as standard window and door design, however you can easily modify the framing and wall plans to fit your layout needs.

We also have additional plans currently available for different length and width tiny houses. These are available in our ONLINE PLANS STORE.


  • Detachable Trailer Tongue
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Coupler
  • Frame-to-Trailer Anchor Bolts & Strap System
  • Detachable Leveling Jacks
  • 6-8 Welded Jack Points for Leveling
  • Electric Brakes & Breakaway Cable
  • Multiple Coats of Primer and Paint
  • Welded Hooks for Ground Anchors
  • Custom Wiring Harness, with 7-way RV plug
  • Trailer Lights Mounted to Meet NHTSA Standards


  • Wide load trailer, up to 10-ft wide
  • Flat deck, deck-over, deck-on-top trailers
  • Low, wide trailers
  • Fifth-wheel style hitch
  • Air-ride gooseneck hitch
  • Custom paint or speciality coating
  • Moment frames or custom body work
  • Pre-installed Subfloor / Wall Plate
  • Under-Trailer Holding Tank Brackets
  • Spray foam under-trailer insulation

Detachable tiny house trailer tongue

Detachable Trailer Tongue

Our tiny house trailers now feature our custom detachable trailer tongue which helps prevent theft, frees us valuable space, and takes less than 15-20 minutes to attach or detach the trailer tongue.

Heavy duty hitch coupler

Heavy Duty Adjustable Coupler

The adjustable hitch coupler ensures level towing to match your truck’s hitch height and sag. The adjustable coupler mount is welded to the detachable trailer tongue.

Heavy duty jack points welded to your trailer for leveling your tiny house.


The heavy duty jacks easily attach and secure with the locking pin to jack points welded onto the tiny house trailer. This allows safe, easy leveling of the tiny house onto blocks and boards, taking the weight off the tires and on to the frame.

Heavy duty anchor bolts welded to your tiny house trailer securely mount the wall frame.


We use a combination of welded-on bolts and hurricane straps to securely attach the trailer to the tiny house. All of our trailer bolts are custom placed for each tiny house to match the framing.

Tiny house trailer electric brakes and emergency breakaway.


The axles on our Tiny SMART House trailers have electric brakes as well as an emergency brakeaway system. The tow vehicle requires an electric brake controller.

Heavy duty leveling jacks for tiny house trailer


For safe, fast, easy trailer setup and leveling your tiny house at the site, we include a set of side-mount Bulldog 8,000-lbs capacity jacks. These heavy-duty jacks are safer and sturdier than clumsy, light-duty scissors jacks that are seen on many tiny house trailers.

The Bulldog jacks safely and easily raise your tiny house off the tires and on to blocks with wood spacers. After leveling your tiny house, the jacks are easily detached to stow.


** All of our Tiny SMART Houses are only built on new custom trailers.**

Flatbed or car-hauler trailers are not designed for tiny houses. These types of trailer may indeed be rated to carry the total weight, but they are not structurally sound without significant modifications.

We retrofitted an old RV trailer for a tiny house, but the cost to upgrade axles and modify the frame took more time and money than building new. We do NOT recommend modifying a trailer for a tiny house. The wide, sturdy design of our tiny house trailers support the tiny house at its heaviest points along the load-bearing, outer walls.