Steampunk Tiny House

Tiny S.M.A.R.T. Houses

High Quality Living at Human Scale

SMART HousesAll our beautiful and unique tiny houses on trailers truly maximize a relatively small, yet sustainable, easy-to-clean, attractive, and healthy living space.

After customizing and building nearly two dozen tiny homes, we always love seeing how the new tiny house owners quickly adapt their tiny space to their own unique personal tiny living style and individual needs for their tiny house.

Our company name is an acronym that reminds us why we build tiny houses, and how we always strive to focus on and incorporate some of the most important values and best features of tiny houses.

Get ready for intelligent moden living in a Tiny SMART House!


So what does S.M.A.R.T. stand for and what does it mean?

S, for Sustainable Construction

Tiny SMART House builds for durability, using high quality, long-lasting materials so that your tiny house is a very sustainable and long-term solution that you and multiple generations will cherish and enjoy. Focusing on superior energy-saving features, using recycled or reclaimed materials when available, and choosing non-toxic or less toxic options

M, for Modern Efficiency

With the most advanced building technology and modern features, the sky is the limit for your Tiny SMART House. Solar power options offer efficient, off-grid power generating capability. Spray foam insulation not only provides strength and rigidity to your tiny house structure, but it will also greatly reduce or even eliminate your heating bill. Many tiny houses integrate high-speed internet and A/V wiring, while modern power ports feature USB chargers as well as typical 110v outlets. Of course, there are all kinds of fun options for controlling your tiny smart house remotely using your smart phone.

A, for Affordable Luxury

The price per square foot of a tiny house is indeed higher than most larger house construction costs, but the size also means that far less of any luxury materials are required. For example, many of our tiny house owners have chosen to upgrade to copper roofing for its luxurious look and excellent reflectivity rating. With such a small roof, the price increase in relatively minor on a tiny house, but for most people, copper roofing would be far too cost-prohibitive on a larger house.

R, for Residential or Commercial

Tiny SMART Houses are technically Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) and used primarily for shorter-term or seasonal residential use, however there has been an increase in commecial utilizations of tiny house, for backyard or even mobile offices. Tiny houses are also frequently used as luxury rental accomodations. As tiny houses become more and more popular, some towns and communities have started adjusting their zoning to accomodate and attract tiny house people. We expect this to sharply increase as the popularity of tiny houses shows now signs of slowing down any time soon.

T, for Towable Anywhere

Some people think just having the ability to to move your tiny house anywhere you want to go is the very best feature of a tiny house. Although perhaps not the very best feature for everyone, portability is a great option. We woud certainly have to agree that a great tiny living idea would be to move and park your Tiny SMART House seasonally– go north for the summer and head south for the winter. Perfect.