Tiny Smart House, Albany, Oregon, California Cabin, pulled by truck, metal roofing, dual axle trailer

California Cabin

ecofriendly, low impact, elegant, and comfortable tiny home

Beautiful California Cabin.
Our beautiful California Cabin tiny house features an efficient and minimal layout, without skimping on great features and gorgeous woodworking. The standard gable roof profile is not quite as spacious in the loft as the optional double gable dormers, however this design works great with a bedroom on main floor and a small loft used for storage. We can build to standard 13’6" height but shorter walls are available.

This is an economical choice and allows more of your build budget toward other selections, such as premium appliances or a solar system. The shorter walls will save you money on cedar siding.

The open living space allows for flexible layout configurations. The kitchen area includes a sink and two-burner cook top built into a butcher-block counter and your choice of refrigerator type and size, which has a dedicated space next to the bathroom. Propane water heater provides hot water on demand.

The standard model features a 36" deep bathroom featuring a shower, small sink, and RV style toilet.

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* Please note the tiny house in the photos above originally started as a tiny house self-build by the clients. They like the metal roofing and siding styles on one of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s designs and even purchased the Tumbleweed plan, but the clients quickly decided they had to significantly modify the exterior and interior design to better suit their needs and preferences. They hired Tiny SMART House to re-design their tiny home and finish the interior. For their tiny homeo to be officially certified and able to be licensed as an RV tiny house, we also added a loft egress window and several other features .

Please contact Tiny SMART House to help you design a floorplan for your new California Cabin tiny house.