Tiny Smart House, Albany, Oregon, Steampunk Tiny House, Interior

Willamette Farmhouse

Double Loft, Shed Roof, and a Relatively HUGE Tiny Home!

Beautiful Oregon Trail design and built by Tiny SMART House LLC, sold to two really wonderful, interesting people living

Some tiny home owners want a larger, extra spacious design. Our Willamette Farmhouse is a versatile and spacious tiny house design that gives additional ceiling height and interior volume to the main area and the lofts with a shallow pitched shed-style roof and high walls.

As with all our Tiny SMART Houses, this design can be built to any length up to 44′ long. With the larger sizes, more materials means more weight. Some of the larger tiny homes can get really heavy and therefore are built on a triple axle or 5th wheel (gooseneck) trailer.

All tiny house over 30′ are built on a gooseneck trailer for increased safety and mobility. The larger heavy-duty trailers provide the extra support and strength needed for the larger Willamette Farmhouse tiny home.

The front of the gooseneck trailer also provides a convenient dry storage space for storing bicycles, BBQ grills, and patio furniture out of the rain.

Beautiful Willamette Farmhouse design and built by Tiny SMART House LLC.

Some of our clients have preferred building this house a bit wider than a standard RV and obtaining a wide load permit when they move the house.

If you are looking to build something a little larger than your average tiny house, especially if you’re planning to live in your tiny
house with your whole family, definitely take a closer look at our hugely popular Willamette Farmhouse.

Please contact us to discuss your tiny house needs and talk about a custom floorplan for your Willamette Farmhouse tiny house on a trailer by Tiny SMART House



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